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Published date 19 October 2020

Casino Slots for your iPad in 2020

Playing slot games has never been as enjoyable as it is on your iPad. Technology is evolving and the latest Apple devices offer cutting-edge graphics, faster processors and longer battery life.

Therefore, it makes sense to upgrade from your mobile phone that, let's face it, is a little too small to enjoy the rich visuals that are available on slot games. Plus, you still benefit from the flexibility of being able to move around while you have a few spins on the slot machine.

Best iPad Slot Casinos in 2020

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Useful tip

To create a gambling shortcut on your iPad while you are visiting a casino online, just go the sign-in page, click on the rectangle with the protruding arrow (next to the search bar if you are using Safari), and select 'Add to Home Screen'. To finish, assign a name and select 'Add'. Presto! Now you have a slot app on your device that can be accessed as soon as you touch it!