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Published date 26 February 2021

Play Penny Slots Online in 2021

Penny slots are a great way to enjoy yourself at an online casino, without being concerned with the threat of spending too much of your hard-earned cash. These slots are designed to be enjoyable while giving you a chance of winning a decent amount of cash.

Because they only cost a penny, you don't have to raid your wallet for bundles of dollars to play them. More importantly, you still have the chance to win real money playing online slots.

Penny slots - as I am sure you have worked out - get their name from the fact they cost as little as one penny (or one cent!) to play. Many people are reluctant to play online slot games, thinking it will cost them a huge amount of cash, so penny slots have been introduced to allow players to enjoy their online playing without risking massive amounts of money.

Each different penny slot game comes with its own set of rules, bonus rounds and winning combinations, so make sure you're up to speed before you start playing. If you look towards the bottom of your chosen penny slots game, you should be able to find a button marked 'Paytable' or something similar. Click on this and you'll be shown all the important facts and figures about the game you have chosen.

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How to Play Penny Slots Online

The beauty of online penny slot games is that they have extra features, bonus rounds and mini-games that would simply not be possible with traditional mechanical penny slot games. You can play these games in your browser (often, no download is required), and take advantage of all these additional extras in the comfort of your own home in Canada, far away from the traditional dazzling casino action at places such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City. You simply load up your cash balance with as much (or as little) as you want to wager, then press the 'Start' button and watch to see if the reels will fall in a combination that will earn you a win, or go on to enjoy a thrilling bonus game.

Typically, penny slot games have a number of winning lines you can choose from, all from just one penny a line. In nearly all online penny slot games you can choose the number of winning lines you want to gamble with, and of course, the more lines you choose, the likelier you are to win - plus, with penny slots if you choose more than one line, it's possible to win multiple times on the same spin.

Watch out for special symbols on online penny slot machines known as 'scatters' - usually these can appear anywhere on the reels and automatically trigger a win. The more scatter symbols you land, the higher your prize. Quite often as well if you land a number of scatter symbols, you will enter a special feature game where you can win extra prizes.

Some online penny slots games will see you awarded special bonuses such as free spins, or prize multipliers. A free spin is exactly how it sounds - you get to spin the reels for no cost whatsoever. Prize multipliers typically last for a number of spins and any prizes you win whilst they apply are doubled, tripled or even more.

Penny slot games are the perfect way to have fun with the chance of winning genuine cash jackpots, all for the minimum outlay of one penny at a time. If you play sensibly and responsibly then there's plenty of fun waiting for you at your nearest online casino with penny slots.

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