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Visa Online Casinos

VISA is the world’s most widely accepted and secure payment method available today. They offer both debit and credit card facilitates depending on the requirement of the customer. Many Canadians choose Visa when selecting to deposit at trusted Online Casinos. Why? Because they are trusted globally, offer superior service and have the highest standards of card security possible when it comes to transacting online.

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Visa Debit Cards Vs Credit Cards for casino credits

Visa offers both debit and credit cards, each with its own benefits.

By far the quickest and easiest way to purchase your casino credits online is to use a Visa Credit Card. Your deposit is processed automatically so you can start playing your favorite slot game at a moment’s notice. Ensure you enter your card details correctly and take note of this important tip to ensure your deposit doesn’t get rejected.

When using Visa Debit Card, a quick check is done to determine if your account has a positive available balance. And although debit cards can be used in ways similar to credit cards in regards to online casino purchases, but also have a chance at over drafting an account with insufficient funds, so caution is advised, especially when using the debit version of VISA cards.

Depositing Tip!

Tip When making your deposit, select an odd number amount like $98,50 as opposed to $100. This will make it appear like a traditional online product purchase, instead of a casino deposit. This security measure helps protect you from fraud but it can be a pain when you are trying to make a casino deposit.

Security measures for online deposits

VISA provides some of the most secure cards that exist, making them more desirable than many equivalent alternatives or even eWallet.

VISA cards, unfortunately, have a rather high rate of rejection for casino transactions. This is due to VISA's superior security measures. On the plus side, the chance of fraudulent transactions being approved is lower than that of many other lines of credit.

VISA also has various other security measures to help protect consumers and vendors from fraud like 256-bit encryption. This allows all your personal information to be stored in a locked-down state.


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