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Mastercard Casinos Payment Options

Mastercard is a preferred payment method for Canadian real money gamblers as it is safe, fast, and widely accepted at leading online casinos. Mastercard is an American credit card that has been in use since 1966.


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Using Mastercard for Online Casino Deposits

When you are ready to make your first deposit into your online casino account using your Mastercard, simply go to the casino's banking page and select Mastercard as a deposit option under the cashier section. You will be prompted to input the 16-digit number on the front of the card, as well as the security code on the back. In addition, some sites may require a secure code for extra security. The process generally takes a few minutes and your funds will be available for you to play your favourite slots and other casino games immediately.

Mastercard Benefits

  • Mastercard is extremely safe to use - there is very little chance of your funds going missing!
  • Monthly statements will allow you to keep track of your gambling spend and other transactions.
  • Funding your casino account is instantaneous.
  • The process involved when using Mastercard to make online payments is quick and easy.
  • Players can benefit from a lower deposit threshold when using Mastercard as opposed to other methods.
  • Deposit fees associated with Mastercard are minimal.
  • Some casinos incentivize players who use Mastercard when making deposits with special promotions and/or bonuses.

Pre-paid Mastercard

For those players who don’t qualify for a credit card, or simply wish not to play with funds they don’t have, there is an alternative solution. Mastercard debit cards can be pre-loaded with funds directly from your bank account and then used as you would the normal credit card (minus the credit card fees!) at any online casino which accepts it.


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