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Published date 17 October 2020

Which Casinos in Canada Accept PayPal?

As one of the early pioneers, PayPal in Canada is without question one of the most popular forms of transacting online. It’s popularity all boils down to the security it offers its clients. A close second would be the fact that you can more easily manage your payments without over spending. More importantly, you won’t get random debit orders flying off on your PayPal account.

PayPal, also sometimes referred to as a web or e-wallet, offers the users the facilities of paying according to their convenience. With PayPal, you can send money anywhere you like, receive money from legal bank accounts and even shop online.


Due to the lack of regulation of online casinos in Canada you won’t find many online casinos that allow PayPal as a method of depositing online.

Paypal Casinos Canada

Make Safe Deposits at these Online Casinos

Suggested alternatives to PayPal

Other than PayPal, there are really a whole bunch of world-class deposit options available to you when looking to make casino deposit. Follow the review on each of these to understand how they work, security feature they offer and the potentially charges that might be incurred to transact with them:

Process of doing Cash Transactions via PayPal

As mentioned above, making payment through PayPal is as easy as paying from your wallet. You can also accept cash in your PayPal account. In order to transact cash through PayPal, certain procedure is followed. This process is safe, secured and amazingly fast. Therefore, there is no delay in transfer and purchase of Canadian dollars to your casino bank account. Here in the following section we would discuss some of the important steps of transacting on PayPal account:

  • It is free to use PayPal to send or receive money between family and friends in Canada. The merchant needs to pay certain charges as per the policy.
  • New users are able to register themselves on PayPal by following two simple and hassle free steps. The first step is that user need to fill his basic details including his name, address, office address, date of birth and last four digits of his insurance number. The second step is to fill bank account details. After filling all the necessary fields, PayPal also verifies user identity in order to ensure that user is legitimate user. PayPal has a proprietary privacy program to safeguard the customers’ data. Once the user is registered with the PayPal account, they can start doing transactions in their online casino account simply by selecting the PayPal logo from the vendor's website.
  • After selecting the payment gateway, the page for signing up appears. In this step, user needs to fill their basic information after logging in. Once the customer has logged in, he needs to enter the amount of funds that he is intending to deposit into the wallet. After the amount confirmation, the money in Canadian dollar get transferred from his bank account to online casino account instantly. The history of these types of transactions can also be viewed later in PayPal account.
  • Withdrawing your winning amount from a casino using PayPal account is also quite easy. When online casino transfers your money to the PayPal account, it is all yours. You can use them for future online casino transactions or can even transfer the money to your bank account and use it as cash after withdrawing it. All these things happen instantaneously.