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Sevens High

RTP 96.54%

Fruit Mania Deluxe

RTP 96.59%

Joker Poker Remastered

RTP 98.6%

Sizzling 777 Deluxe

RTP 96.42%


RTP 96.57%

Hot Party Deluxe

RTP 96.42%

Second Strike

RTP 96.22%


RTP 96.3%

Disco Diamonds

RTP 94.55%

Route 777

RTP 96.3%

Buckle Up

RTP 96.8%

Hot Sync

RTP 96.29%

Berry Berry Bonanza

RTP 95.98%

Juicy Reels

RTP 96.49%

New Year Riches

RTP 94.25%

Hit It Big

RTP 96%

Joker Strike

RTP 96.46%

Win Win

RTP 96.1%

Fire Joker Freeze

RTP 94.2%

Hit It Hard

RTP 96.3%

Prism Of Gems

RTP 94.25%

The Grand

RTP 96.58%

Wild Burning Wins: 5 Lines

RTP 96.3%

Imperial Fruits: 40 Lines

RTP 96.46%

Diablo Reels

RTP 96.3%

What you fill find on this page

What you will find on this page

How do Classic Slots work?

Unlike more modern slots, these classic games do not have the bells and whistles most of us are used to seeing in our online slot games. Instead, these games take us back to those simpler times, offering up just three reels, more often than not, with only a single payline right through the centre of the reels.

Occasionally, you might find a classic game with an extra reel and offer up to three paylines, but this is noticeable for not being the norm. Another feature you'll, no doubt, notice is that the symbols tend to be all the same. Most of these classic games will take on the traditional cherries, bars, sevens and bells that were popularly found in these games back in the day.

Once you've understood how these games are set up, playing them is a walk in the park. Like any other slot, you must set your bet and then hit the reels to spin. With just one payline on offer, you need to match three matching symbols along with it. If you do so, you win; if you don't, you lose. It's easy.

There are usually no distracting graphics either — everything is kept clean and simple. There are no bonus features, and the audio sounds like classic elevator music rather than anything too elaborate.

Below, you can find out why players enjoy them so much.

Advantages of Traditional 3-Reel Slots

Though simple, these classic online slots do have several advantages when it comes to playing them. Some of these include:

  • Appealing to our nostalgic side
  • It is simpler to stick to a budget as the betting options are limited
  • Featuring progressive jackpots that are awarded at random
  • Easy layouts with limited paylines — perfect for beginners
  • Simple setup making them great on mobile devices
  • Traditional fun

Our Classic Slots Selection

Betting Options

As you may imagine, placing a bet on one of these older slot types is also incredibly easy. Similar to video slots, classic online slots will also have a series of buttons just below the reels where you can set your bets. These buttons will allow you to set the coin number for each spin. The other button will usually have the maximum bet per spin.

The paytable for these games is usually small enough to be found next to the reels, too. This means it's easy for you to figure out which of the symbols are the ones that will pay out the most. Having it visible throughout the game can greatly help new players.

Some classic online slots will also ask the player to set the coin value when you get playing. This means choosing how many coins you want to play for each spin. Once you get a win, the payouts are also very simple. Look at the paytable once the payline has matching symbols, and you will win the matching prize.

Finding the perfect traditional slot game

As we've mentioned, not all classic casino slots are on the same level. When looking at these classic online slots, you might want to consider some things.

  • For instance, you should look at the RTP of the game. This is the return-to-player rate and explains the amount of money you can, theoretically, get in return for playing. For example, if a slot has a 95% RTP, if you were to play C $ 100 in a session, you could expect a return of C $ 95.
  • With this in mind, the higher the RTP, the better your chances of winning. We suggest always picking a game with 96% or higher RTP.
  • You should also examine whether the game has one of those above random progressive jackpots. As these games do not have any bonus features, it's always good to get extra help in these jackpots. This means that you can have fun and spend the same amount of money but get a shot at a big win, too.
  • Finally, you can look at the game's volatility. This refers to the size of the wins you regularly expect to receive. A low variance slot will payout often but in small amounts, while a high variance game will mean big wins, but they will only come around sometimes. Settling for a slot somewhere in the middle means you get the best of both worlds.

Which are the best classic casino slots to play?

Like many other online casino games, there are a growing number of classic online slots, but not all are created equal. With this in mind, some slots are better than others. Some of these are based on the original physical three-reel slot and have continued to stand the test of time. Others are more recently developed three-reel slots that have captured the essence of these classic games.

We've listed a few of the most played classic online slots out there, so you can give one of these a go right from the outset!

  • Jackpot 6000 from NetEnt
  • Joker Millions from Yggdrasil
  • Triple Diamond from IGT
  • Mega Joker from NetEnt
  • Wheel of Wealth from Microgaming
  • Neon Fruit from 1x2 Gaming

Free traditional slot games

While classic online slots are straightforward to understand, it's still daunting to plunge headfirst into online gaming. With that in mind, many classic games can be played for free.

Many online casinos will have these games in demo mode. When you select this option, you will be granted virtual coins to play the game. Playing them in this fashion lets you get familiar with the gameplay before you risk any of your own money. Some of the best free classic online slots we've found include:

1.Route 777 from Elk Studios

2.Flaming Hot from EGT

3.4 Reel Kings from Novomatic

4. 888 Dragons from Pragmatic Play

5.Laser Fruit from Red Tiger

Where to play classic slots

But it's not enough to know which slot to pick and play; you need to know where to play. This is because not all casinos are trustworthy. It's all very well to pick a great classic slot game, but if the casino you're at is unlikely to payout if you win, there's no point in playing.

Choosing a good casino

You should consider several criteria when selecting the online casino at which to play your classic games.

First, you should check whether the casino is licensed. Licensed casinos have to follow strict rules and regulations governing how they operate. This includes keeping player data safe, ensuring that the games are regularly audited for gaming fairness and offering timely payouts via secure and trusted payment providers.

Once you've determined the site is safe, you can now take the time to look at the game selection. You will want to make sure there are several different classic online slots for you to play, especially if this is the type of game you want to play regularly. You want to be open in your choices.

Finally, you should look at the bonuses on offer. Many online casinos will offer new players a lucrative welcome bonus to play. Some will even offer free spins on specific slot games, allowing you to test the game out completely for free. Picking a site that offers regular promotions will also help you boost your bankroll and keep playing these exciting classic games.

How we help

Happily, we're all about making your life easier, so we have reviewed several online casinos, focusing on those points. This means you can check out our list of recommended casinos with classic online slots and play instantly.

What is the attraction?

Nostalgia is a huge draw for many in these classic games. However, there are other reasons why these can be considered so popular. For instance, they're the perfect way into the online gaming world for beginners.

These slots have straightforward layouts, easy gameplay and no extra features to be confusing. The single payline is easy to follow, whereas some games with hundreds of paylines can be a lot more confusing for those new to the slot game world. These games are also perfect for those who don't want to be distracted by mini-games, numerous bonuses, flashy animations or sound effects.

With that in mind, classic slots are not just enjoyed by newcomers but by experienced players, too. For the reasons mentioned, many seasoned players are also drawn to these games purely because of their simplicity. Minimalism in games is also an attractive feature in itself.

Today, many of these traditional slots combine basic layouts and limited paylines but do stretch out to include some more modern features. This can include features like scatters to award free spins or multipliers to boost your wins on a payline. However, these are not usually found in the traditional older slot.


Regarding classic casino slots, there is a lot of fun to be had. These games offer the chance to enjoy something simple without all the overblown features that tend to come with modern-day slots. Online classic slot games are perfect for those wanting a reprieve from the colourful, feature-laden slots but also for those new to the online slot world.

Choosing the right slot is necessary, so look at the options we suggest and select a reputable casino. Choose one of these classic online slots and get playing today; a big win might still be on the cards for you!

Double Diamond is a very popular classic slot | video preview

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