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Published date 07 January 2021

Classic Slots

If you go to any Las Vegas Casino, they use up a large part of the floor space with vintage 3 reel games. You too can recapture some of the nostalgia of the old school one-armed-bandit right from your home computer or phone by playing some classic slots online.

Game makers model their classic slots on the kinds of machines that first appeared in land-based casinos. These slots usually consist of just three reels and a single payline. Some go a step further with an extra reel or two, and up to three paylines. Many classic slots are appealing with their reels of cherries, bars, sevens, and other minimalist, traditional symbols.

Where to Play Classic Slots

What is the attraction?

Apart from the nostalgia which is huge drawcard for classic slots, these slots are also the perfect introduction to slots for the beginner. Their simple layouts, easy game play without multitudes of often confusing paylines are great for novices and those who don’t enjoy the distraction of mini games, sound effects and animations.

Classic slots are not only enjoyed by beginners. Many seasoned players are drawn to their simplicity, just as minimalism is attractive to many people in other aspects of daily life.

Some of today’s classic slots often combine the basic layouts and limited paylines with modern features like scatter and multiplier symbols, and bonus games. We rarely find these elements in any of the older games.

Classic Online slots
The good old Classic Slots everyone enjoys!

Betting Options

Advantages of Classic Slots

  • Classic Slots appeal to our nostalgia
  • Its easier to stick to a gambling budget with simpler and limited betting options.
  • Classic slots often feature progressive jackpots that can be awarded randomly at any time.
  • Their uncomplicated layouts and limited paylines make them perfect for playing on mobile devices.
  • They’re simple, stripped-down, and traditional fun

Well-known examples of Classic Slots

Since the very first one-armed-bandits, three reel games have been popular, and many of these vintage games take up space on the floors in modern land-based casinos. Some of the popular slots that have stood the test of time include Double Diamond , Triple Diamond and countless variations of these, Wheel of Fortune, Hot Shot, and Red White and Blue.

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