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Apple Pay Casinos

Published Date Updated

Author Gayle Mitchell

What you fill find on this page

What you will find on this page

Play at these preferred Apple Pay Online Casinos

How to set up an Apple Pay account

  • Apple Pay is already on your Apple device, such as iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, and iPad, as part of the Wallet app
  • Apple Pay is very easy to set up. Add your credit or debit card to the Wallet app already on your iPhone. Here is how:
  • Step 1: Open the Wallet app
  • Step 2: Tap the “+” icon
  • Step 3: Scan a card
  • Step 4: Follow bank instructions
  • That’s it, the card is in the Wallet app, and you’re ready to go
  • You can now use Apple Pay at any online casino that accepts this payment method

How to withdraw your funds with Apple Pay

Do you want to know how to withdraw your money with Apple Pay? Read the step-by-step guide below.

step 1

Go to the cashier section

At your chosen online casino, go to the Cashier section.

Interac Login and go to Cashier
step 2

Select withdraw and choose currency

At the withdrawal option choose Canadian Dollar

Interac Withdraw 1
step 3

Enter the amount you wish to withdraw

Make sure option “Apple Pay” has been chosen and then decide how much of your hard-earned winnings you want to withdraw.

Step 3 pic modified for Apple Pay jpg
step 4

Execute the transaction

Press the 'Withdraw' button and your money will be transferred to your account that is connected with Apple Pay.

Execute transaction

How to use Apple Pay for casino deposits

Simplicity is at the core of Apple Рау ‘s service, and this applies when it comes to making online саsinо deposits too. The easy steps below are all you need to know to load up your casino balance.

  • Download the Apple Pay app on your compatible device
  • Link your bank or credit саrd to your Аpplе Рау ewallet
  • Gо tо thе cаshiеr sесtiоn of your selected online casino
  • Sеlесt Apple Pay as your deposit method
  • Choose how much you would like to deposit
  • Vеrifу уоur idеntitу with Fасе ID, Тоuсh ID, оr pаssсоdе

Apple Pay: Safe and Secure?

Benefits and considerations:

  • Free service with no additional fees
  • Instant deposits and payouts
  • Compatible with various credit and debit cards
  • No sharing of personal data
  • Extremely safe, secure and fast. And very easy to use
  • Top privacy, as you don't need to share any sensitive information, such as your credit/debit card information, with the online casino
  • Can be used for deposits and also for withdrawals (if the online casino allows it)
  • Not (yet) available at all Canadian online casinos
  • Unfortunately only available for Apple devices

Usefull Tips Be Aware!

Apple Pay is still gaining traction in the Canadian online casino space, so you might find not all your favourite casinos have it as an option.

Apple Pay FAQ's

As well as being connected to one of the biggest tech companies in the world, Apple Pay is fast and secure.
There are no fees that you have to pay to Apple for use of this service, however, your financial institution may charge its own.
Apple Pay is associated with a reputable selection of online casinos that adhere to the strict rules of the jurisdictions they are regulated by.
Yes, you must have an iOS-enabled device to run this service

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