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Cameo Money Makers: How much do Reality TV stars make?

  • Published date30 November 2020

Cameo - the app that allows people to purchase personalised video messages from their favourite celebrities - has seen a massive increase in interest over the last few months as people look for alternative gift ideas while stuck at home. Since March, the app has reported recruiting 77% more actors, athletes, musicians and comedians, while demand for videos has increased from 9,000 a week to a massive 75,000.

But with celebrities charging anywhere between $17 to a staggering $2,718 per video, what does this increased interest translate to in potential earnings for top stars? The Cameo Money Makers study, conducted by online slots Canada specialists, runs the stats behind what top-earning Reality TV stars make on the app and how this compares to their Instagram following, to reveal the true cost of fame...

Cameo money makers infographic

The analysis found that for every Instagram follower a Reality TV star has, they can expect to earn $0.012. With the average number of Instagram followers needed to be deemed an ‘online celebrity’ currently standing at 30,000 or more, that means small-scale stars could be charging around $360 per personalised video. But, although many influencers are charging far less - in fact, some TikTok creators charge just $1.10 - there are some Reality TV stars that rake in extortionate sums that exceed $360 via the Cameo app.

This includes Caitlyn Jenner, who currently charges $2,718 per video at an average length of 25 seconds - equating to massive earnings of $6,523 per minute. And despite the average price across the site coming in at a humble $40 per video, looking at the average charges put forward by the 25 highest-priced Reality TV stars on the app shows that they’re asking for a pricey $621 per upload - meaning they earn an average of $466 each once Cameo’s 25% cut is taken into account.

So, when the $0.012 per follower formula is taken into account, what does this mean Instagram’s most-followed Reality TV stars could rake in? Well, the study also shows that Kylie Jenner - who boasts an impressive 199 million followers - could theoretically charge a mindblowing $2.4 million per personalised video were she to join the app. Meanwhile, older sister Kim Kardashian West could expect to charge $2.3 million per video, which translates to earnings of $1,719,000 when Cameo’s 25% is accounted for.

And it’s not just Reality TV stars who could make a small fortune via the Cameo site - if Instagram’s most-followed celeb Cristiano Ronaldo were to offer personalised videos at the $0.012-per-follower rate, he could earn a breathtaking $2.169 million per post. Although some of these calculations are fairly unrealistic, as we like to think Kylie wouldn’t actually ask her followers to fork out more than $2 million for a short shoutout, it does reveal the amazing earning potential behind online services like Cameo.