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What is the Gamble Feature in online slots?

Published Date Updated

Author Gayle Mitchell

What you fill find on this page

What you will find on this page

A gamble feature is a welcome find on slot machines as it lets you take a shot at doubling your cash after hitting a winning payline… or losing the whole lot for that spin.

If the slot you are playing on features this bonus game, it will usually trigger as soon as you hit a winning payline. The gamble button will light up so you can click on it. Once you do, you are then taken to a mini game where you will have to make some sort of decision to seal your fate. This will typically involve guessing the colour or suit of a randomly drawn playing card. If you make the correct call, you can either double or quadruple your win. The wrong choice however will cost you all that you have won that round.

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Demo slots with Gamble Features

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Hero Clash Online Slot

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Beef Lightning Online Slot

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Black Gold 2 Megaways Online Slot

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Is the gamble feature worth it?

Gamble features are useful provided you are not risking too much on a spin. So, where you are betting 20p per spin and winning 20p, then it’s definitely worth the gamble to double or quadruple your win – especially if you can keep accumulating wins over consecutive rounds.

We would also recommend opting for the gamble feature on low-volatility slots where you are regularly rewarded with small wins and not risking the large elusive payouts. Ultimately, a gamble feature offers you a 50/50 chance.

What is the Gamble feature in Online Slots?

Types of Gamble Features:

  • Guess the playing card colour: Widely used in Playtech slots, this is the simplest version of the gamble feature. You simply guess whether the card drawn will be red or black to double your win. You can continue drawing cards from the deck until you make an incorrect guess – and then lose the lot. Your gamble wins can usually be cashed in at any time.
  • Guess the playing card suit: Some Microgaming slots offer a slight twist on the above. You get to pick the right colour to double your win and pick the right suit to quadruple it. In games like Penguin Splash you even get to see the previous 5 cards that have been dealt to rule out any pattern suspicions. This slot offers you up to 5 gamble chances before taking you back to the base game, meaning you can potentially earn a total of 1024x your win!
  • Heads or Tails: Some slot makers like BetSoft offers a 'Double Up' feature after any winning spin which works just like a game of Heads or Tails. You can double your current win just by guessing whether the coin toss will end in heads or tails. As with the other gamble features you can continue indefinitely until you lose or collect your wins and exit the game at any point.
  • Select a symbol: A variation on guessing the colour or suit of the card, is guessing what is hiding behind the card or symbol. Play ‘N Go for example, like to give you the option of doubling up or tripling up your win if you choose the correct symbol from a selection of three or four symbols in their Hunt for gold online slot.
  • 'Your Gamble': This fun and innovative feature can be found in Microgaming's 1024-paylines Leagues of Fortune slot. After a winning spin, a gambling wheel appears consisting of a win and lose section. By spinning the wheel, you will either increase the “lose” area, subsequently increasing your potential win, or vice versa. This feature also allows you to “bank” and save 50% of your bet. You can keep spinning until you hit the “collect” button and bank your wins.

Usefull Tips Useful Tip!

Make sure you play at legitimate, trustworthy casinos that use RNGs to ensure your game is fair every single time.

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