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Online Slot Tournaments

If you're looking for a casino experience complete with thrilling wins and loads of entertainment, all from the secure comfort of your own chair, then playing in online slots tournaments are the way to go.

There are presently numerous online casino sites available that all host a wide variety of slot tournaments to choose from. We found that Microgaming casinos offered the best slots tournaments options with a generous spread of low entry games with free entry on a daily basis.

Slot tournament

Play Slot Tournaments at these recommended Online Casinos

How Tournament’s Work

What makes online tournament participation so much fun is that it enables you to compete with others for a share (percentage-wise or fixed amount) of a pre-revealed prize pool. You may be required to pay an entry fee, and the jackpot could be anything from real money to casino-type rewards such as Free Spins or Credits. Some casinos even offer real-world prizes.

Winning combinations in slot machines are derived from the uniquely engineered software aptly entitled Random Number Generator (RNG), which uses irregular algorithms to produce a range of up to a billion numbers, which then gets randomly divided to produce a stop number each time a player hits the spin button. This combination is ever-changing and auditor-approved to ensure fair results.

Online tournaments are usually very easy to access and you’ll find the machines a breeze to operate as well, just follow the instructions to join, click on a tournament that looks appealing to you, and start playing right away.

Online slots tournaments
Online slot tournaments - Simply Click 'Join' to enter

Tips to improve your Slots Tournament Strategy

Watch the Clock

Even as you observe the set deadlines, join earlier. The sooner you start on the tournament, the more time you’ll have to improve and perform better. Additionally, you’ll soul research on the quiet times of play. During these times, fewer players are trying their luck on the slots, which means your chances of winning prizes in the tournament are higher.

Freeroll competitions are a must

Some tournaments are free. As a dedicated slot player, you shouldn’t miss out on these freerolls. While they may offer small prizes, they are still worthwhile. After all, you don’t pay anything to enter the competition. Besides, freeroll tournaments level the playing field as there are no prejudices.

TC’s – Read them

Not all slot tournaments offer free cash. Some have bonus cash. And as you know, bonus cash often comes with some wagering requirements. For this reason, you should participate in slot tournaments that have free gizmos, gadgets, holidays, and money.

Bonus Advantages

There are tournaments the organizers rank players depending on the amount they wager. In that case, there are a couple of things that you can do to improve your chances of rising through the ranks. First and foremost, take advantage of the welcome deposit bonus. But if the casino doesn’t offer such, then you should consider other promotions and bonus deals. Avoid redeeming your bonuses or cashing in your loyalty points before the tournament kicks off. Use the freebies to build your bankroll and boost your wagering firepower in the competition.

Understanding Slot Tournament Terms

  • Play time: You only have a certain amount of time during which to complete your tournament game. This limit may be extended by obtaining either a Continue or Rebuy
  • Entry Fee: This is the fee you need to buy into the tournament.
  • Coins Box: The playing field is levelled by supplying all players with an equal amount of coins to start off with. (Amount varies between tournaments).
  • Winbox: All your winnings are reflected here, the total of which determines your standing in the game.
  • Leader board:  This enables you to check your position in real time by displaying all Winbox tallies in play.
  • Continue: Should you run out of coins during your game, Continue affords you the opportunity (at a fee) to resume play with extended playing time and more coins, without affecting your winbox total.
  • Rebuy: OR if you think you’re having a disastrous tournament, you can simply start from scratch with more playing time, more money and a zero winbox balance through the purchase of a Rebuy.
  • Scheduled Tournaments: Play happens within an allotted time frame after registering first. The player with the highest amount of points at the end of the tournament wins.
  • Sit and Go Tournaments: These games begin after a fixed amount of players sign up and the contestant with the most credits claims victory once a time limit or certain amount of reel spins has been reached

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