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What you fill find on this page

What you will find on this page

Casino with a Good Selection of Low Volatility Slots

What is Slot Volatility & Variance?

Volatility refers more to gameplay and can be described as the short-term risk involved. Volatility indicates how frequent and how big the winnings can be.

Variance refers to how the slot game distributes winning combinations in the long term. In other words, it explains how much money you can win in the long run.

NB:You can readily access information about the volatility of a slot game rather than its variance.

Generally speaking, high-volatility slot games have higher jackpots but are much riskier. Low-volatility games offer lower payouts, but you are more likely to win more money in the long run.

Low Volatility Slots

Best Low Volatility Slots for July

Why Play Low Volatility Slots?

Why Play Low Volatility Slots?

Low volatility slots offer a low-risk gaming experience: they balance frequent wins with smaller payouts. That makes them an ideal starting point for new players. However, players with more experience may still choose low-volatility slots to minimize the risk of diminishing their bankroll as quickly as they might in a more volatile game.

You’ll never win a massive jackpot in a low volatility slot, but regular payouts can make a game more engaging, as you’re less likely to face long waits for wins.

What are the Characteristics of Low Volatility Slots?

What are the Characteristics of Low Volatility Slots?

The main characteristics of low volatility slots are the higher payout rate and the modest prizes. When playing a slot with low volatility, the paytable likely lists wins that range from tiny to decent. Payouts tend to be small and awarded closer together, though wins are only guaranteed to occur sometimes.

For example, Starburst is a low volatility slot with payouts of 25x and 500x your bet. A slot with higher volatility might award 5,000x your bet or more at the top end.

Where Can I Find and Play Low Volatility Slots?

Where Can I Find and Play Low Volatility Slots?

You can find low-volatility slots at a wide range of online casinos for Canadian players. When visiting an online casino, you can determine a slot’s volatility differently. Some casinos may list the volatility for a slot and other essential details (e.g. RTP, max bet) to make browsing their lobby for low-volatility slots easier.

Otherwise, you must open a slot and check its volatility before playing for real money. That’s easier if demo versions of a game are available. You should be able to find the volatility in the paytable or help section.

Another option is to check the RTP: low volatility slots tend to have a higher RTP, as they pay out more often. For example, Blood Suckers has low volatility with an outstanding RTP of around 98%.

Who are the Best Providers of Low Volatility Slots?

Who are the Best Providers of Low Volatility Slots?

Reputable software providers create low, medium, and high-volatility slots. However, some have more high-quality, low-volatility slots in their catalogues than others. For example, NetEnt has released popular low-volatility slots, including Starburst and Blood Suckers. NetEnt is known for its high-quality visuals, innovative designs, and robust features.

Pros and Cons of Low Volatility Slots


  • Payouts are more frequent than in medium and high volatility slots
  • RTPs can be higher (e.g. around 98% for Blood Suckers)
  • Lower risk
  • Great jumping-on point for newcomers


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Medium Volatility Slots

Best Medium Volatility Slots for July

Medium Volatility Slots

Why Play Medium Volatility Slots?

Medium-volatility slots sit comfortably between low- and high-volatility slots. They provide a nice balance: wins are primarily small and frequent, with more significant payouts awarded occasionally.

Players who prefer slightly higher risk and the chance to claim more generous rewards with consistent payouts gravitate towards medium-volatility slots. This balance makes games in this range appealing to everyone, from beginners to more experienced players.

Slot Characteristics

Characteristics of Medium Volatility Slots

Slots with medium volatility award prizes with moderate consistency and size. They pose less risk to players, which is helpful if you want to manage your bankroll as carefully as possible, but they can also bring some more significant wins.

The maximum wins available with medium-volatility slots vary widely. For example, Sweet Bonanza and Hyper Strike offer very different top rewards within the same volatility range.

Find Slots

Where Can I Find and Play Medium Volatility Slots?

Medium-volatility slots, featuring diverse themes and available through various platforms, are easy to find at online casinos in Canada. Tips for identifying these slots include checking reviews and software game provider websites.

Top Providers

Who are the Best Providers of Medium Volatility Slots?

Top developers like IGT NetEnt, and Play’n GO are known for their medium-volatility slots, offering games like Immortal Romance, Gonzo’s Quest, and Rich Wilde series with engaging features and high-quality graphics.

Pros and Cons of Medium Volatility Slots


  • Payouts can be more significant than in low-volatility slots and more frequent than in high-volatility slots.
  • Bonus features may be more common.
  • Ideal for players who want the most balanced slot experience.


High Volatility Slots

Best High Volatility Slots for July

High Volatility Wins

Why Play High Volatility Slots?

The main reason to play high volatility slots is the potential for massive wins, though not all slots in this range guarantee huge prizes. High-volatility slots may also feature large jackpot payouts, especially if they are part of a network offering progressive jackpots.

High rollers are typically attracted to these slots due to the higher possible rewards associated with higher stakes.

Slot Characteristics

Characteristics of High Volatility Slots

High volatility slots often have a low payout rate; meaning wins are infrequent but significant. Key features like win multipliers and expanding symbols enhance the gameplay, making each win potentially more substantial.

Find Slots

Where Can I Find and Play High Volatility Slots?

High-volatility slots are readily available at online casinos. Useful strategies for finding these games include browsing slot reviews and examining a game’s paytable or help section for volatility information.

Top Providers

Who are the Best Providers of High Volatility Slots?

Prominent developers like Play’n GO, WMS, and IGT offer a range of high-volatility slots. These slots provide the thrill of potential large wins and feature rich themes and advanced graphics for example, IGT's Wild Life slot.

Pros and Cons of High Volatility Slots


  • Potential for higher payouts than low and medium volatility slots.
  • Well suited to high rollers looking to risk more for a higher return.
  • May include progressive jackpots for potentially massive wins.


Factors that Affect Slot Variance

  1. Pay Tables

    High Variance: If the pay table shows that high-paying spins are rare, the game has high variance. You may win large sums, but wins will be infrequent.

    Low Variance: If payouts are spread more evenly across winning combinations, the game has low variance. This means you’ll experience more frequent, smaller wins.

  2. Bonus Features

    High Variance: Games with numerous bonuses like free spins, multipliers, and bonus rounds tend to have higher variance. While these features can lead to large payouts, they also mean you might have longer periods without significant wins, as triggering these bonuses can be rare.

    Low Variance: Games with fewer bonus features tend to have lower variance, offering more consistent, smaller payouts without the need for special features to trigger big wins.

  3. Bet Size

    High Variance: Betting larger amounts increases the variance. You risk more of your bankroll per spin, which can lead to larger wins but also bigger losses.

    Low Variance: Betting smaller amounts decreases the variance, providing more frequent but smaller wins, helping to preserve your bankroll over time.

  4. Wagering Requirements

    High Variance: High-volatility slot games often have higher minimum wagers, which increases the risk and potential rewards. You need to be prepared for significant fluctuations in your bankroll.

    Low Variance: Low-volatility slots typically have lower minimum wagers, which makes it easier to manage your bankroll with more predictable outcomes and smaller fluctuations.

How Understanding Volatility Can Improve Your Game?

By understanding the volatility of slot games, you can improve your gameplay through better bankroll management, setting realistic expectations, developing tailored strategies, and selecting games that fit your personal preferences and goals. This knowledge ultimately enhances your gaming experience and can lead to more satisfying outcomes.

  1. Bankroll Management

    Knowing the volatility of a slot game helps you manage your bankroll more effectively.

    High Volatility: If you're playing a high volatility game, be prepared for long periods without wins, followed by the possibility of big payouts. This means you might need a larger bankroll to withstand losing streaks.

    Low Volatility: You can expect more frequent, smaller wins with low volatility slots. This allows you to manage your bankroll more conservatively, making it easier to play for longer periods.

  2. Expectation Management

    Understanding the volatility of a game helps you set realistic expectations for your gaming session.

    High Volatility: Knowing that high-volatility games have infrequent but larger payouts helps you stay patient and avoid frustration during dry spells.

    Low Volatility: Recognizing that low-volatility games offer frequent small wins helps maintain a steady and enjoyable gaming experience without expecting massive payouts.

  3. Strategy Development

    Volatility knowledge helps you develop effective playing strategies.

    High Volatility: You might opt for fewer, larger bets, aiming for substantial wins, and be ready to endure longer losing streaks.

    Low Volatility: You might choose more frequent, smaller bets, focusing on consistent wins and longer playtime.

  4. Game Selection

    Volatility information guides you in choosing the right games that match your play style and objectives.

    High Volatility: Select high volatility slots if you seek excitement and big rewards, and are willing to take on more risk.

    Low Volatility: Opt for low volatility slots if you prefer a steadier flow of smaller wins and a more relaxed gaming session.

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