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The Complete Guide to Reel Gems Deluxe Online Slot Machine

  • Published date14 February 2022
  • AuthorStaff Writer

Plenty of people love both online slots and jewelry. If you’re one of them, then you will probably be very happy after seeing what we have to show you today - that is an online game that revolves around jewels. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? In this article, we will talk about Reel Gems Deluxe online slot machine - we will go through what it is and how you play it, as well as talk briefly about some other real money slot machines that you might want to consider engaging in.

What Is Reel Gems Deluxe Online Slot Machine?

First things first, let us just give you a very quick overview of what Reel Gems and Reel Gems Deluxe online casino slots are. Reel Gems Deluxe is a sequel to Microgaming’s iconic Reel Gems slot machine. It took them over a decade to release the second installment of the Reel Gems, but was the wait worth it? Well, some would say that yes, while others would disagree. Us? We’d say we’re in the middle - we neither agree nor disagree.

Reel Gems Deluxe Online Slot Machine - How to Play & Win Big Prizes!

Reel Games Deluxe is a 5x3 reel slot game that provides its players with 20 paylines and 243 different ways to win. The RTP of this online slot machine is 96.36%, which might not be the highest one out there, but it is still pretty good.

The theme, as the name might suggest, revolves around precious jewels in a multitude of colors (red, yellow, green and blue) which act as higher-value symbols. Aside from those, you can also land one of the letters (J, Q, K or A) which are lower-value symbols, the Reel Gems Deluxe logo, which is the Wild symbol that can substitute any symbol aside from the Scatter, and a diamond which is the mentioned Scatter symbol. The rules are the same ones as with most slots online - to win, you have to land at least three matching symbols.

Reel Gems Deluxe has a few bonus features, the most interesting one being the Free Spins bonus feature. It can be activated by landing three, four or five diamond scatter symbols, which will give you five, seven and ten free spins.

What is worth mentioning is that during the free spins, you start with the first two lines filled with one of the premium symbols - starting with the lowest paying one, which is the blue gems. On the other three reels, you can land regular gems, Wild symbols or Retrigger symbols. The last ones are especially beneficial, as they provide you with another set of free spins. It also changes the symbol on the first two reels to the next symbol. Once you reach the fifth level, the lines will be filled with Wilds, which means that no matter what you will land on, you will get a winning combination - you can win up to 1000x your stake in this scenario.

Are there any Reel Gems slot machine tips and tricks? Yes, they are - however, they are the same as in the case of any other slot machine game, as, unfortunately, slots are very unpredictable, which means that there’s no way of knowing which symbols will appear next and whether/when you’ll win.

Which of the Best Real Money Slots Is Right for You?

Reel Gems Deluxe Screen

While you can just google “free games slots no download or deposit required” to find some slot games that do not require money, it is no secret that games involving real cash tend to be more exciting - and you don’t even have to spend much, even small amounts (like less than a dollar) will work just fine.

However, choosing the right real money slot machine can be quite a challenge, as there are so many good games, that it can be overwhelming - especially if you’re looking up things like “best real money slots iphone” or “best real money slots machines uk” and seeing dozens, if not hundreds of different options.

Truthfully, there’s no right answer to which real money slot machine will be the best one for you, as a lot depends on your personal preferences. What we can tell you though, is that as long as you enjoy it, the game comes from a reputable provider, the casino you are playing it on is legit and there are plenty of security measures in place, no matter which one you chose it was a good choice.

Conclusion: Start Playing Reel Gems Deluxe Online Slot Machines Today and Win Big!

Reel Gems Deluxe online slot machine is a sequel to Reel Gems. Since fans of the first one had to wait over a decade for an improved version, there still is some discussion regarding whether the wait was actually worth it or not really. However, that's not something we will be getting into, as everyone can have their own opinion on that matter.

However, if all this talking got you thinking about starting to play some online slots, make sure to check out our real money slots page - we’re sure you’ll find something for yourself there. Good luck!

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