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What is Retriggering?

Retriggering is the act of RE-activating a bonus game within a bonus game, or free spins during your free spins. You can reactivate, or retrigger free spins or a bonus round by lining up the same special symbols that launched you into the free spins mode or bonus game initially.

When you retrigger, you get a whole new round of free spins or launch a whole new bonus game. Most online slots have a free spins bonus of some kind, and sometimes the round plays out on a separate set of reels. Triggering 10 or 15 free spins is great, but triggering them over and over again in the same feature round can feel amazing. Retriggers potentially double the amount of wager-free earnings you'll enjoy at the end of your free spins or doubles the bonus rewards offered by the bonus game you are playing.

These Online Casinos keep on retriggering Spins!

Retriggering leads to some very big wins

Retriggering is a favourite feature among slot players as it often leads to very big wins. Retriggering can happen on several consecutive occasions leading to successive bonus rounds. Slot games won't always retrigger endlessly as most game makers put a cap on the number of free spins you can earn in a single round.

Can retriggering continue indefinitely?

Retriggering can occur more than once in a round of free spins, and you may be able to retrigger a round of free spins several times. Games vary in how their retriggered spins operate. Some games will only allow you to retrigger free spins once, some indefinitely, and others don't allow retriggers at all.

What is the Bonus feature for retriggering

Rack up some serious coins:

Sometimes a game says that you cannot retrigger a bonus during free spins, this means that more spins are not possible while the bonus round is active. Retriggering adds an extra layer of excitement as an effortless way to rack up some serious coins without having to bet anything first.

Activate free spins

When you activate free spins they will all be played using the same bet you used when you triggered them, and retriggers will continue with the same sized bet. So the higher the basic betting level, the higher the bonus betting level will be. It is worth looking for games that include free spins, bonus games and especially a retriggers feature. However, many games that don't allow retriggers include a second bonus feature to make up for free spins.

Exciting symbols to increase odds!

Some slots allow retriggers and add in a few exciting symbols to increase your odds. These symbols can include Expanding Wilds, which stretch down to fill an entire reel, or Sticky Wilds, which stay in place during the following spin. It's good to check to see what features and rules each game includes. This information is easy to find out by checking the paytable before you play. If the paytable doesn't mention retriggering, it is fairly safe to assume that the slot doesn't offer this feature.

Retriggering Free Slot Spins

Most video slots offer a way for players to activate free spins. In free spin mode, no wager is made, which is why "free spins" are called just that. The slot will award free spins when certain symbols (for example 3 matching scatter symbols) line up in a way specified by the game's rules. The game's paytable will include these rules in the information it provides.