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Reel Gems Deluxe: What Is It and What Makes It an Amazing Slot Game

  • Published date14 February 2022
  • AuthorStaff Writer

If you're looking for a video slot game with not-so-high stakes and decent design, Reel Gems Deluxe might be the choice for you. This game is easy to follow while remaining an exciting challenge for the player. Reel Gems Deluxe will transport you into the world of colorful fun, so if you're interested in trying the refreshed version of this classic title, keep reading!

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Reel Gems Deluxe and how to play it. Who knows, maybe it'll become one of your favorites?

What Is Reel Gems Deluxe?

Reel Gems Deluxe is a new version of Reel Gems that many know and love. It's a 5x3 reel, 20 payline game that follows the format of a different title, Goldaur Guardians. Created by two producers, Microgaming and Alchemy Gaming, the game gives you the best of both worlds - stimulating, multicolored graphics combined with features that allow you to build your strategy and engage you to the fullest.

Reel Gems Deluxe is a good choice for players interested in taking risks (although the payout leaves something to be desired). The game has the RTP (Return To Player) of 96.36%, which fits nicely in the standard of 95% to 97% of the RTP that we can encounter in other online gem slots games. It's a highly volatile slot, but the low rollers will also enjoy it, with the minimum number of coins we can play with being 0.20 and the maximum 100.

As we can see, the game is suitable for anyone who likes to play it safely, allowing you to be responsible with your budget. That doesn't mean it's boring, though. You'll get the chance to experience thrilling moments with this title. Nevertheless, those looking for something more straightforward yet entertaining will be the happiest with it.

How to Play and Sign Up for Reel Gems Deluxe

The lower-value symbols in these gems slots are J to A cards royals. Of course, this game wouldn't be what it is without gems in different colors that give you bonuses on your paylines (up to 30x your stake for 5 on a payline). Reel Gems include wild symbols. The logo of the game, for example, is The Wild which can multiply your winnings by 100x for 5 on a payline. Similarly, The Scatter will do the same, but by 200x! And when you land on 3,4 or 5 scatters on the reels, you'll get 5, 7, or 10 free spins. This, of course, increases your chances of winning more considerable sums of money.

Reel Gems Deluxe offers a feature, Radiant Spin, which is activated randomly during the base game and can multiply your winnings by 40x to 1000x your stake. Another exciting feature is the Hyperspins feature, which allows you to activate specific paylines manually. Those who cost more will likely give you a chance to win big. Thanks to that, you gain more control over the play, and your kick is that much better!

You start on the Trail with the lowest symbol, the blue gem. You will see it stacked on the first two reels. The other three reels are where you can get different gems, free spins, and wilds. You'll need a Retrigger Symbol moving forward to be visible on the three reels. That way, you can win free spins and move to the next symbol. Combining that with the Radiant Spin and Hyperspins, you'll be able to move through to the highest value symbols.

How to sign up for Reel Gems Deluxe? You can play the game with our recommended online casinos. Reel Gems Deluxe is fully compatible with all devices, including your iPhone or smartphone.

How to Win at Reel Gems Deluxe

Reel Gems Deluxe is a real roll of a dice game, considering its high volatility. Although you can never be 100% sure that you’ll win, that doesn't mean you can't be strategic when it comes to playing it. Here are a few of our Reel Gems tips and tricks to win!

Reel Gems Deluxe review

Quite often, online gem slots are not heavily reliant on the well-thought-out approach, but this game gives you some control over your moves and results. It's important to know if you want to invest more of your money or if you are interested in betting low. This knowledge will impact how you play because the Hyperspins feature allows you to respin paylines of a lower and higher likelihood of unlocking the higher value symbols. So you can choose and match your "lucky" combos and play with little to more risk.

The thing worth noting is that the maximum potential of this slot is $100 000 with a single spin. Our tip is to try different approaches and see which one works best for you.

Where to Play Reel Gems Online

The easiest way to play the game is with online casinos, like Wildz, Casino Room, or Casoo. You can place your bets, cash out your winnings and play on the go using your mobile device. Going with one of the online casinos gives you the best experience.

Reel Gems Deluxe is a fresh take on classic gems slots. It might not be the perfect choice for the high rollers that seek the highest stakes. Still, Reel Gems Deluxe has enough good features to interest players, and it's definitely an improvement in comparison to the original Reel Gems. It's worth checking out if you're a fan of the original Reel Gems and you're looking for more interesting features and better graphic design.

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