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Vancouver Gambling Research Centre Opens

  • Published date27 November 2014

Vancouver, BC – The recently launched research center on gambling in UBC was opened in order to analyze the psychology of betting, and to bring improvements in the gambling policies and also help the players who face problems.

The Centre – This research is one of its kinds because it is the only one available in the whole world. Luke Clark is from the University of Cambridge and he is one of the leading heads of this centre. It was just last year that he joined the research center.

The British Columbia government and the British Columbia Lottery Corporation provided $2 million to this gambling center and from there they started their journey in this industry. BCLC has provided all types of academic liberty to the centre and this helps them to carry on their research work in an independent manner.

Michael de Jong, the finance minister has declared that in British Columbia the government is devoted towards dedicated gambling. This center is the newest and is of a self governing nature and is completely equipped with the latest technology and great leaders to solve all the problems related to gambling. The finance minister is also confident that this center will surely benefit the gambling industry and resolve all the problems in gambling in the British Columbia and also all throughout the world.

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According to Andrew Wilkinson, the technology minister of Innovation and Citizens’ services, UBC is one of the best and leading universities that is setup in Canada and will also provide solutions to plenty of important issues. It is the place where revolutionary and progressive research work is performed and this will help in increasing the status of the British Columbia and UBC.

Luke Clark, the foundational director of the gambling research center said that this research center in British Columbia is going to change the entire outlook of the gambling research. The center will help the gamblers to clearly understand the objective of the game and this will also strengthen their research work on addiction in order to make a better community.

The unique features of this center include a casino lab with lot of slot machines and other games. This will help them to clearly understand the psychological reaction and their attitude under the restricted situations. The advanced and latest tools in the gambling field are going to help Clark and his team to study the impulse and the mindset of the gamblers - even though they are not playing online casino slots for real money play in Canada they will still have the rush of playing slots.

This research center is also combined with the UBC MRI Research Center. The heart rate measurement and scanning of brain reaction of the gambling lovers will be done in these research centers. At UBC they have also planned out for new partnerships and associations all throughout the territory. There are a lot of forth coming research projects that this research center is looking forward to. In their upcoming research assignment they have also scheduled the personal interviews of the people who love gambling and this will take place in the Lower Mainland casinos. This will help them to identify the problem gamblers and so they will be in a better position to help them. The center will also be benefited in their learning process of making proper decision.

Luke Clark joined UBC in the year 2014 from the Cambridge University and now he is the director of this research center. Here he is guiding the people of the center about the pathological study of gamblers in the UK. His latest article was published in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences in October 2014. Here he mentions about the gambling disorder problems and how it is a part of the psychological analysis.

With the skilled research work in revolutionary addiction research projects on alcohol and drug obsessions, the center has made itself known throughout the world.

The financial support received by UBC to set up the center was just the beginning of the campaign. It then got involved in the most striving fund raising and alumni engagement operation in Canada which has now increased to over $1.4 billion.