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Two Hamilton residents claim nearly $2million in combined prizes

  • Published date26 March 2021

65-year-old Hamilton resident, Geoff Wybrew, is a millionaire now, thanks to the MaxMillions lottery prize from a late February draw.

Wybrew said that he plays all the big OLG lotteries including Lotto Max, 6/49, and LOTTARIO, but this is the first time he has landed a big win.

The pensioner, who purchases all his tickets on said, “I sat down with my family and we were in disbelief it’s surreal.”

Wybrew, who is a father of one, claimed $1,000,005 in winnings and plans on investing his winnings.

Winning is also for the young in Hamilton it seems. A 25-year-old steelworker, Adam Greenly, recently celebrated taking home $793,000 from OLG’s quick pick number game, Lightning Lotto, on 1 March.

Greenly discovered his daily draw prize when he matched numbers from a winning ticket at the Kitman Variety on Dunsmure Road in Hamilton’s east end.

“The cashier got very excited and I was suddenly aware I won the jackpot,” Greenly said. “I couldn’t believe what happened, it was surreal!” said Greenly.

When asked about his plans, the young winner merely said he would “figure out” what to do once he has fully accepted the fact that he won.

Geoff Wybrew   MaxMillions Winner
New millionaier, 65-year-old Geoff Wybrew from Hamilton, winner of a recent MaxMillions lottery prize

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