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Spooks and Chill: the world’s favourite Halloween films revealed

  • Published date20 October 2020

Everybody has a favorite scary movie - whether it’s because it was the only one you managed to sit through, the one that frightened you the most, or one that you can’t stop watching. And with Halloween fast approaching - and Covid-19 restrictions disrupting the typical festive period - it’s never been a better time to explore which titles are really worth watching, and which should be skipped.

Spooks and Chill - a new study conducted by the online slots Canada provider, SlotsOnlineCanada - looks at the stats behind IMDb’s list of the ultimate Halloween flicks, including the critical reception, search volume and running time, to reveal which movies you should stick on while stuck inside this October.

Infographic spook and chill

The study found that Beetlejuice is the world’s favourite monster movie - beating out The Shining, The Conjuring and Scream for the top spot - while Canada’s top pick is 1984 cult classic Ghostbusters. Psycho is the highest-rated film featured with an IMDb score of 8.5/10, while The Nightmare Before Christmas boasts the best score for its running time. 

In terms of which creepy classics should be skipped, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Evil Dead II and The Little Shop of Horrors prove the least popular around the world, while Village of the Damned and The Amityville Horror (1979) have the lowest IMDb ratings. 

As well as looking at which scary films are worth watching over October, the study also looked at which Halloween film franchises come out on top. Final Destination was named the best movie series when it comes to critical score divided by running time, with Final Destination 2 found to be the best installment, and Final Destination 3 proving the worst. 

Meanwhile, The Exorcist was found to be the worst franchise of those featured, with Exorcist II: The Heretic the worst film overall, and The Exorcist noted as the best of a bad bunch. Looking at all the films separately reveals that the original Halloween (1978) is the best scary film from a franchise to date, followed by the 1984 A Nightmare on Elm Street and the first Saw. 

Ultimately, while this Halloween is set to look a little different to what we’re used to, frightening film fans can rest easy knowing that IMDb’s top Halloween film list offers a staggering 88 hours - equivalent to three days and 15 hours worth - of creepy content to enjoy.