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Saskatoon winner takes home $55 million lottery prize

  • Published date02 November 2021
  • AuthorLisa Michaels

A massive $55 million LOTTO Max prize has gone to Matthew Poppel of Saskatoon who is currently the second-largest lottery prize winner in Saskatchewan history.

Poppels’s comments were recorded in an official new release, where he related the story of how he came to find that his life had changed forever.

He recalled how after he heard that the massive prize had been won by someone in Saskatoon, he had jokingly called his friend to muse about the possibility of it being one of them.

"I called my buddy and said, 'I saw you won the lottery. When can I expect my million dollars?' We laughed and were both like, 'Yeah, right. Can you imagine?'

His mirth soon turned to disbelief when he went to check his ticket.

"I did not think for a second that I had actually won $55 million," he said. "I did not expect that to be something that happened to me,” he said.

When questioned about his plans for his winnings, Poppel stated that he still needs some time to gather his thoughts on the matter, but shared that he plans on helping his parents retire, and ensuring the financial freedom of his loved ones.

The lucky winner did admit that he was entertaining thoughts about upgrading his wheels.

"I was thinking and joking that I should buy a luxury vehicle just because I can, but now I think it's a good idea. I can buy it, so why not?" he smiled.

Poppel’s windfall is remarkable but is second in impressiveness to the $60 million won by a resident of Neville, Saskatchewan, in August 2016.

Matthew Poppel of Saskatoon is the lucky winner of a $55-million jackpot. (Josh Schaefer/Western Canada Lottery Corporation)

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