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MegaJackpots from IGT

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Author Gayle Mitchell

Mega  Jackpot IGT


IGT's Most Popular Jackpot


As a fan of slot machines, I've always been intrigued by the possibility of hitting the jackpot. And when it comes to jackpots, the MegaJackpots series of games from International Game Technology (IGT) is the ultimate goal. These games have created some of the most renowned and mammoth casino winners of all time, with payouts that can soar into the tens of millions of dollars.

In this article, I'll share what I've learned about MegaJackpots, including what they are, how they work, and why they're so popular.

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Megajackpots Cleopatra is a very popular Egyptian-themed slot machine that features 20 paylines and a variety of bonus features, including free spins and wild symbols. Megajackpots Cleopatra


Wheel of fortune on air logo small

Megajackpots Wheel of Fortune on air is based on the popular TV game show and features a variety of bonus rounds and a wheel spin bonus that lead to big payouts. Wheel of Fortune on air


WoF Hawaiian Getaway logo

Wheel of Fortune Hawaiian Getaway Powerbucks is based on the Wheel of Fortune TV show, set in a Hawaiian paradise. The game features bonus rounds, free spins, wilds and offers the chance to win a Powerbucks jackpot. Hawaiian Getaway Powerbucks


Wheel of Fortune ExoticFarEast logo

PowerBucks Wheel of Fortune Exotic Far East is another Wheel of Fortune-themed slot machine that takes players on a journey through the exotic Far East. The game offers a variety of bonus rounds and the chance to win a Powerbucks jackpot. Exotic Far East


MEGAJACKPOTS SiberianStorm logo

Megajackpots Siberian Storm is set in the snowy wilderness of Siberia and features a variety of animals as symbols. The game offers 720 ways to win and a variety of bonus features, including free spins and stacked symbols. Siberian Storm


MEGAJACKPOTS GoldenGoddess logo

Megajackpots Golden Goddess is a fantasy-themed slot machine that features a variety of mythical creatures as symbols. The game offers 40 paylines and a variety of bonus features, including free spins and stacked symbols. Golden Goddess



Usefil tips How do MegaJackpots work?

  • MegaJackpots are linked progressive jackpot slots, meaning that a small portion of each player's bet on a linked machine is added to a common pot. This jackpot grows until someone hits the winning combination, at which point the lucky player takes home the entire sum.
  • To be eligible for the MegaJackpots jackpot, players must usually bet the maximum amount allowed on the machine. This ensures that they have a chance to win the full jackpot if they hit the winning combination. Some MegaJackpots games may also require players to land a specific combination of symbols to trigger the jackpot.
  • In addition to the main jackpot, many MegaJackpots games also offer secondary jackpots and other smaller prizes that can still be quite lucrative. These secondary jackpots are usually won through bonus features or by landing specific combinations of symbols on the reels.
  • MegaJackpots games are usually linked together within a group of casinos. This means that the jackpot can grow quite quickly, as more and more players make bets on the linked machines. However, it also means that the odds of winning the jackpot are quite long, as there may be hundreds or even thousands of players contributing to the common pot at any given time.

Game Features of MegaJackpots

MegaJackpots slots are packed with special features, enhancing the gaming experience and increasing players' chances of winning. Overall, MegaJackpots games usually feature a mix of special symbols and regular symbols, with the MegaJackpots logo prominently displayed to indicate that the game is part of the linked progressive jackpot system. Some common features across different titles include:

  • Wild symbols: These can substitute for other symbols to help create winning combinations.
  • Scatter symbols: Landing a certain number of these can trigger bonus features or free spins.
  • Multipliers: These can multiply your winnings by a specified amount.
  • Bonus rounds: Special mini-games or features that can lead to significant rewards.
  • Progressive jackpot: A continuously growing prize pool that can be won by players at any time.
MegaJackpots symbols

Jackpot symbol

This is the symbol that players need to land in order to win the MegaJackpots progressive jackpot. The symbol can vary depending on the game, but it is usually a special symbol that is different from the regular symbols on the reels.

MegaJackpots symbols Wilds

Wild symbol

This is a special symbol that can substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations. Wild symbols can vary in appearance depending on the game, but they are usually clearly labeled with the word "wild".

MegaJackpots symbols Scatter

Scatter symbol

This is another special symbol that can trigger bonus rounds or free spins. Scatter symbols can also vary in appearance depending on the game, but they are usually labeled with the word "scatter" or a similar term.

regular symbols

Regular symbols

These are the standard symbols that appear on the reels and are used to create winning combinations. The symbols can vary widely depending on the game, but they often include things like fruits, numbers, letters, and other thematic symbols.

How to play MegaJackpots Slots:

  1. 1 Choose a reputable online casino that offers MegaJackpots.
  2. 2 Sign up or log in to your casino account.
  3. 3 Deposit funds into your account, if necessary.
  4. 4 Locate the MegaJackpots game in the casino's game library.
  5. 5 Set your bet size and paylines (note that betting the maximum amount increases your chances of winning the progressive jackpot).
  6. 6 Spin the reels and watch for winning combinations.
  7. 7 Check for any bonus features or free spins that may be triggered during gameplay.

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What are MegaJackpots Slots?

MegaJackpots is a thrilling series of linked progressive jackpot slot machines that has taken the gaming world by storm. Developed by IGT, one of the most esteemed gaming companies globally, MegaJackpots offers an assortment of popular slot machine games such as Wheel of Fortune, Cleopatra, and Monopoly.

But what exactly is MegaJackpots? In essence, each MegaJackpots game is linked to a common jackpot that grows with every bet made by players on any linked machine. This means that a small portion of each bet made on a linked machine is added to the common jackpot, which can escalate quickly as more and more players make bets. The MegaJackpots jackpot is the ultimate prize that players can win by hitting the winning combination.

It is crucial to note that to be eligible for the MegaJackpots jackpot, players usually have to bet the maximum amount allowed on the machine. This is to ensure that they have a chance to win the full jackpot if they hit the winning combination. Some MegaJackpots games may also require players to land a specific combination of symbols in order to trigger the jackpot.

Odds of winning MegaJackpots

The odds of winning a MegaJackpots jackpot are long, but not impossible. The odds vary from game to game, but they're generally in the range of 1 in 50 million to 1 in 100 million.

The Return to Player (RTP) of MegaJackpots games can vary depending on the specific game and the casino offering the game. However, in general, MegaJackpots games tend to have an RTP that is in line with industry standards for progressive jackpot slots, which is around 94-96%.

Why are MegaJackpots so popular?

MegaJackpots are all the rage, and it's not hard to see why. For starters, they present an irresistible opportunity for players to snag a massive windfall with a relatively small wager. Plus, these games are wickedly well-designed and loaded with eye-popping graphics, immersive soundscapes, and a host of tantalizing bonus features that'll keep you glued to your seat.

And even if you don't strike it rich with the big kahuna jackpot, there are still plenty of secondary jackpots and smaller prizes up for grabs, so you're always in with a chance of coming out ahead.

Useful tips What online players have said about MegaJackpots

Based on player reviews, MegaJackpots have been received positively by many players. Here are some common themes in player feedback:

  • Exciting gameplay: Many players enjoy the exciting gameplay offered by MegaJackpots games, which often feature engaging bonus rounds, immersive sound effects, and high-quality graphics.
  • Big payouts: One of the biggest draws of MegaJackpots games is the potential for big payouts, which can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of millions of dollars. Players appreciate the chance to win life-changing sums of money with a relatively small investment.
  • Variety of themes: MegaJackpots games come in a wide variety of themes, from popular TV shows and movies to original creations. This ensures that there's something for everyone, regardless of their interests.
  • Long odds: Some players express frustration with the long odds of winning the jackpot, but acknowledge that this is part of the game. Others view the challenge of trying to beat the odds as an exciting part of the gameplay.
  • Secondary jackpots and prizes: Even if players don't hit the jackpot, MegaJackpots games offer the possibility of winning secondary jackpots and other smaller prizes. Many players appreciate this feature, as it adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.
  • High variance: MegaJackpots games are often high variance, which means that the payouts can be infrequent and unpredictable. While some players enjoy the excitement of waiting for a big payout, others may find this type of gameplay frustrating or stressful.

History and statistics of MegaJackpots

MegaJackpots was first introduced in land-based casinos in the late 1990s before making its way to online platforms in the 2000s. The game has since become a staple at many online casinos due to its massive progressive jackpot, which grows with each bet placed by players worldwide. The jackpot seeds at a substantial amount, often in the millions, and can reach staggering heights before being won.

Historic wins on MegaJackpots

MegaJackpots has awarded numerous life-changing jackpots to lucky players over the years. Some of the most memorable wins include:

  1. 1 A British soldier who won a massive £13.2 million jackpot in 2015, setting a world record at the time.
  2. 2 A Finnish player who took home €17.8 million in 2013, which was the largest-ever online jackpot in Europe.
  3. 3 A lucky player from the UK who scooped a colossal £8.6 million prize in 2021.

In conclusion

MegaJackpots are an absolute game-changer for players seeking to win substantial sums of money while indulging in some of the most riveting slot machine games in existence. As an ardent student of casino games, I have dedicated years to scrutinizing and analyzing the industry, and without a shadow of a doubt, MegaJackpots stand out as some of the most exhilarating games available.

According to countless player reviews, MegaJackpots present a feast for the senses, boasting electrifying gameplay complete with thrilling bonus features, and top-notch graphics and sound effects that leave players awe-inspired. In addition, even if luck doesn't land you the jackpot, the secondary jackpots and smaller prizes offered on these games can still leave you with a hefty payout.

However, I must emphasize the utmost importance of gambling responsibly. While the prospect of a MegaJackpots win is alluring, the odds of hitting the jackpot are slim, and players must never risk more than they can afford to lose. For those feeling confident and daring, our online casinos host all of the MegaJackpots games for you to test your luck. Who knows? You might just end up as the next big MegaJackpots winner!

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