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Mobile Gambling to overtake PC

  • Published date25 July 2014

The increasing dependence and usage of mobile devices has propelled mobile casinos to increase their gaming offers. Mobile devices and tablets are more than just phones and offer an instant connection to the Internet, from wherever, whenever.

Smartphones have changed people's everyday lives and this affects the casino industry as well. It is suggested that people spend around 2 hours per day on their smartphones. This statistic doesn't necessarily include any additional time spent gambling on tablets, their computer and other devices.

Smartphones and mobile devices are integrated into daily routine and usage patterns best show how and when people use their mobile devices. Smartphones are taken everywhere and used in conjunction with a desktop computer at work and to watch TV shows on tablets.

Mobile gaming commands a sizable share of the casino and gambling market

Now that you are able to play your favourite mobile slots, table games and poker at the tap of a finger, mobile is growing at a rapid pace.

It is predicted that by 2017, gambling revenues from mobile devices will reach the $100 billion mark. Presently mobile sports betting makes up 70% of the total turnover. This could change in as few as three years and regular mobile gambling is expected to take over 70% of the market.