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Slots Quiz: Test your Slots Knowledge

  • Published date10 August 2020

Are you ready for a challenge? How about a test to determine your slots knowledge for a favourite casino game? There are 10 questions with the answers at the bottom, so no scrolling down just yet. This quiz is a mix of questions with Yes or No answers while others have 3 possible correct replies.

1) What percentage of a casino's total revenue is derived from slot machines? A. 33%? B. 80%? C. 65%?

2) While playing at a slot advertised as 98% payout, does that mean a $98 return for every $100. played? Yes No

3) If the reels disappear and reveal a second screen, this signals the following event: A. Free spins are triggered? B. Additional reels appear? C. A second-screen bonus round begins?

4) After you leave a slot machine, another player arrives and hits the jackpot. Should that have been your ‘big hit’? Yes No

5) When you receive a payout for symbols not on the same payline, this combo is considered: A. A scatter symbol payout? B. A free spin? C. A double multiplier?

6) Does using my player’s club card affect the slot machine payout? Yes No

7) Where are the lower paying or less desirable slots placed on the casino floor? A. Entrance to the casino? B. Near the cashiers’ cages? C. At the end of a row of slot machines?

8) Can casinos online or offline change the payout percentage of slots up or down? Yes No

9) Comparing 3 reel slots with 5 reel slots, you can conclude that: A. 5 reels return less winning spins and coin? B. 5 reels present more winning spins, however return less of original bet? C. Both offer the same number of wins, however return less than the original bet?

10) Slot machines have the worst odds in the casino? Yes No

ANSWERS: 1) C. 65%. While you may think that this percentage is on the high end, think about the amount of slots placed on the casino floor or the varied slot machine selection at an online casino.

2) NO. This advertised payout refers to the average return; long term and thousands of reel spins later. With $100 in play, your return is ‘up to the stars’. Here’s a tip; if your $100. disappears without any gain throughout play, it is time to move on.

3) C. A second-screen bonus round begins. This event can change the format, the scene, the payouts and/or introduce new characters. Many players choose these games for the excitement and action of a second round.

4) NO. You are talking about the Random Number Generator (RNG) that is working behind the scenes at warp speed selecting random spin results. Therefore, the time span between the exchange of players would not have changed the outcome. The same answer applies to Video Poker machines that are also programmed with RNGs.

5) A. This is a scatter symbol payout that you didn’t see coming. Scatter pays generally combine with 2 or more like symbols to reward the player whether in a straight line or zig-zagging across the screen. A higher number of symbols lined up to include the scatter garner higher rewards.

6) NO. Your player card points are calculated separately from the RNG or payout percentage. It would not be wise to discard the benefits of player points if you believe this myth.

7) B. Near the cashiers’ cages. Casinos believe that it is too easy to cash out when near the cashiers, so it is expected that you will drop some coin nearby. This is where you make a beeline for those cages, right?

8) NO. For land-based casinos, the payout % is preset and cannot be changed easily. Many gaming jurisdictions enforce rules about replacing these computer parts. For online casinos, the payouts are audited separately at the majority of casinos. Therefore, it would not be worth their gaming license to falsify reported stats or get blacklisted.

9) B. 5 reels present more winning spins, however return less of original bet. On 3-reelers less than 20% of total spins will be winners. On 5-reelers, 30 to 50% will bring in some coin, however, most will be for less than the original bet.

10) NO. Many slots pay in the range of 94-99% average overall at casinos online and off. Compare those stats to the higher house odds of certain bets for Roulette (0, 00, 1, 2, and 3: five-number bet is 7.89 percent), Craps proposition bets (Any 7 bet is 16.67%), Keno and Big Six.

Did you ace the Quiz? All the same, you gained valuable knowledge about the slots playground.

You can now take that knowledge to play your favourite casino online or off.

Quick Facts: On average, Dollar slots return a slightly higher percentage overall and are more profitable for the casinos. Comps or Loyalty points are not reserved for just high rollers. If you are playing, you qualify for comps. If in doubt, ask, ask and ask again for comps during play.