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Saskatchewan iGaming gets rolling with new deal

  • Published date29 October 2021
  • AuthorLisa Michaels

A pioneering agreement will soon see iGaming go live in Saskatchewan, the last remaining Canadian province without a regulated industry. The uniqueness of the agreement makes it not only a first for the country but a first anywhere in the world as well.

Saskatchewan’s first regulated sports betting site is due to launch in 2022 and the Federation of Indigenous Nations will hold the exclusive license for online gaming for the first five years. Once this period elapses, the local government will be free to establish its own platforms.

The platform will be operated collaboratively by the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation (SGC) and the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA). Revenues and responsibilities will be evenly split between these two parties with SIGA operating the iGaming platform, while the SGC provides oversight and management.

SIGA will funnel its share of the revenue to the 74 First Nations. These funds will go towards education system improvements in native communities, enhanced health programs, and increased investment in infrastructure, socio-economic improvement, and recreation.

Global Focus

Chief Bobby Cameron, speaking on behalf of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations, revealed that many years of hard work had gone into forging this unique agreement. He described the deal as an ideal example of the potential that follows reconciliation between tribal and governmental organisations.

Cameron added that the deal would also alleviate the difficulties that tribal casinos find themselves facing in the wake of pandemic-related lockdowns.

In a recent joint news conference, the First Nations University of Canada, the SGC and the SIGA all agreed to an amendment to their Gaming Framework Agreement and a letter of intent. The new amendment enables the parties to establish a regulatory framework for the iGaming platform while the letter of intent is a statement of their dedication to persistent innovation.

Cameron made more comments in an interview with The Star Phoenix, saying that the iGaming platform has the potential to flourish and become a globally-targeted service. He added that his focus will be on achieving maximum profitability for the site with his sights set on eventual ten-figure prophets.

For his part, Reg Bellerose, the chief of Muskowekwan First Nation and the chair of SIGA, said that he would consider $20 to $25 million revenue as an adequate starting point.

Chief Bobby Cameron
Chief Bobby Cameron

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