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Ontario couple claims massive $50m lotto win after mislaid ticket resurfaces.

  • Published date30 March 2021

A couple from Tavistock, Ontario, have several million reasons to celebrate, after landing a massive win of  $50 million from the Lotto Max jackpot March 16 draw.

Chad and Christa Breyer of Tavistock, Ont. with their winning Lotto Max prize of $50 Million. (Photo: OLG)
Chad and Christa Breyer of Tavistock, Ont. with their winning Lotto Max prize of $50 Million. (Photo: OLG)

OLG reports that Chad and Christa Breyer had temporarily lost track of the ticket, leaving it in their car for a whole week before finally locating it and subsequently discovering their newfound fortune.

Chad recalled the sequence of events, saying, “I bought the Lotto Max ticket on Sunday for the Tuesday, March 16 draw and put it in the cupholder of my car as I usually do, and went about my business, going to work or running errands, never locking my car. I even went out and bought a Lotto 6/49 ticket for Saturday’s draw with the winning Lotto Max ticket still in my car.

Once Christa had convinced him to bring the ticket into the house, she checked it on the OLG App.

The ‘$50,000,000’ number displayed on her screen left her trembling according to OLG and her husband drove to the store to validate the ticket.

I was so excited I grabbed the ticket and the receipt and ran out of the store and went back home, I didn’t know I had to stay to talk to the OLG representative who called the store a few moments later, but I eventually went back and spoke to OLG about the next steps in collecting this incredible prize,” Chad said.

Christa explained that they don’t just play the lottery for winning chances.

I was told years ago that money from buying lottery tickets goes back to support hospitals, health care and OLG also gives back to communities, so why not buy a lottery ticket?” she shrugged.

The winning pair sent a screenshot of the prize announcement to family members including Chad’s father.

He told me it couldn’t have happened to a better man. That I’ve worked hard all my life and now it’s paid off,” Chad smiled.

The couple reportedly returned to work the day after discovering their win, although their focus was understandably divided.

I have a few projects that I need to finish first before I think of possibly retiring. I can’t leave my boss and colleagues without completing my obligations first,” Chad said.

The Breyers already have some definite plans for their winnings.

Chad revealed his intentions, saying, “We are going to purchase a new home with a big piece of property for our family and also buy a couple of new vehicles, a truck and an all-wheel-drive SUV that performs well in our winters.

Christa stated that she wanted to relive a magical time.  “I want to return to California, We went there for our honeymoon many years ago and have been saving airline loyalty points in the hopes of going back but now we can travel there in style,” she said.

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