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Microgaming has revealed Vegas Flush™ BoltBet®, a reimagining of Vegas Flush™ online slot

  • Published date08 June 2020

Microgaming, the well-known casino game manufacturer, has introduced Vegas Flush™ BoltBet®, a unique reimagining of Vegas Flush™ online slot. This brand-new version of slot machines will be available at Spin Casino, Canada’s well-known casino online. Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® is a unique solution in a scenario where players are constantly looking for new ways to enjoy these online casinos.

If you are familiar with casino games and enjoy them, then you would have heard of Microgaming. It is one of those companies that constantly try to push innovative solutions to make the gaming experience more enjoyable. With the release of its latest solution, Microgaming has offered a reimagining of one of the most popular titles and provides a new way to enjoy online slots games in a secure mobile casino.

Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® went live at Spin Casino in the second quarter of this year and introduced players to a completely unique experience. The predecessor to this game, Vegas Flush™ online slot, featured the story of multiple fictional high rollers going all-in against the house in a card tournament at The Straight Flush, one of the richest casinos. Now, Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® retains the art style of the original game, but the gaming experience has been revamped, and it feels familiar yet new.

In 2020, BoltBet® is the latest piece of innovation. The game has been designed for all sorts of players, but people who are new to the casino games would find it more appealing than the rest. BoltBet® improves the traditional slot games by providing multiple speed options, allowing the player to set the Autoplay count up to three times faster than conventional slots without affecting the game results. The new simplified and streamlined design of the game will cater to the needs of the veterans as well as the newbies alike.

Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® is considered to be a high-volatility game and has an RTP of 96.10 percent 31.37 percent Total Hit Frequency. The new game also features a bonus round of 15 Free Spins with a 3x multiplier. The maximum potential win is a whopping 150 000 coins.

The players are given a choice to stop playing at any point and then resume their play from the moment they left later. This feature offers the players complete control of their gaming experience. To play

Vegas Flush™ BoltBet®, a player only needs a compatible computer or mobile device,  along with a reliable internet connection.