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Husband dreams up $60M lottery jackpot win

  • Published date08 February 2021

A Canadian couple has recently found themselves free of financial constraints after their $60 million lottery jackpot win, bizarrely brought about by numbers from a dream 20 years ago.

57-year-old Deng Pravatoudom has played the same lottery numbers for 20 after they appeared in a dream her husband had. On December 1, 2020, their dreams finally came true when the number won them the $60 million jackpot, as per a news release from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

Pravatoudom said that her husband alerted her to the win, she had gone to the bank to pay some bills, while he was checking the tickets.

“When we got into the car, he told me we won the $60 million jackpot. He was serious, not joking, so I knew he was telling the truth I started to cry. I have always prayed for a blessing that my family would be taken care of” Pravatoudom said.

Pravatoudom immigrated to Canada from Laos along with her 14 siblings in 1980. She and her husband have worked for over 40 years and raised two children to adulthood.

The couple plans on buying a new house and paying off bills as well as helping their family out and taking trips around the globe, when it is safer to do so.

Pravatoudom concluded, saying, “Except for when I came to Canada from Laos, I have never really travelled, so I want to see Europe, Texas, and Hawaii. I am excited to see the world.”

Pravatoudom lotto win source lottomax facebook
Deng Pravatoudom and her husband plan to buy a new house, pay off some bills, help family and travel the globe with their $60million win. (Source: Lotto Max/Facebook)