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Incan Adventure Online Slot

Incan Adventure Online slot by Microgaming and Gacha Studios is a 6 reel, arcade-style, high volatility title. The game has you control a miner as he drills deep down into the earth beneath an Incan temple, destroying blocks to reveal their treasures. Race against a dropping power meter and dodge Traps with this uniquely crafted gameplay experience. Features include free games and traps. You can enjoy this title across all devices.

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Incan Adventure

Game Details

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Video Slots

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Game Features

  • The arcade-style gameplay requires you to select a block in any direction to drill through for which you may receive a corresponding prize. Each drill action counts as a bet and certain blocks will take several bets to destroy.
  • As you progress down, each drill action will consume part of your battery meter, once your battery is depleted your game board will reset and you will start drilling down from the top again.
  • The lower-value blocks are regular and Trap blocks which take 1 wager to destroy.
  • Regular blocks pay out a maximum of 15x your stake.
  • Trap blocks fire arrows off every 5 wagers; if you are struck by an arrow your power meter will be reduced. Destroying a Trap block can award you a battery boost, super drill boost, or a statue boost.
  • The 2 higher value block types come in 1x1, 2x2, and 3x3 sizes and may require several bets to break.
  • Gold blocks pay out up to 480x your stake for a 3x3 size.
  • Diamond blocks pay out up to 960x your stake for a 3x3 size.
  • Wall blocks are obstacles that you cannot drill through.
  • Power blocks have a glowing blue centre and may take several bets to destroy. Destroying a power block will cause the random destruction of 10 regular, Trap, or wall blocks which will all be replaced by 1x1 gold or diamond blocks.
  • Statue blocks mimic the design of the bonus game meter above the reels and destroying them fills the meter up.

Bonus Features

Super Drill

The Regular drill you use can be upgraded to a golden super drill when you collect drill boosts from breaking blocks. The super drill will multiply your wins by 3, but can only be used a finite amount of times before you have to acquire more drill boosts.

Free Bonus

If you destroy 5 statue blocks, you will fill up the meter above the reels and trigger the bonus round. Your miner will automatically drill down through layers of blocks with each level containing a prize based on your average bet.

There are 7 levels with varying numbers of layers to get through. You can only progress to the next level if you find a special key symbol. If you reach level 7, you will be awarded 1000x your bet.

Incan Adventure Online Slot Gameplay


Incan Adventure slot is a pioneering effort with unique gameplay and mechanics combined with an immersive theme. The game’s artwork emulates arcade-style video games, with all the mini animations you would expect. The best thing about this title has to be the unique gameplay approach. Other titles have merged arcade style with normal spin mechanics, but this is almost a complete departure from traditional slot design.

You have to employ strategy, balancing your desire to destroy high-paying blocks against seeking out statue blocks to activate the bonus round while keeping an eye on your battery and bankroll. The gameplay may not appeal to traditionalists but with a max potential of $288 000, even the mildly curious will jump at the chance.

Author Lisa Michaels

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