Your own personal slot game

Imagine being able to have a slot machine that is customized the way you want it. We know what you are thinking ‘finally a slot machine where the odds are in my favour’, well, no. What we are talking about is a slot game where you have full control over what the graphics will be. The Microgaming MySlot is 5-reel 9-payline game that has 13 pics on reels that can be replaced with photos or graphics, of your choice. We can already hear your mind ticking with thoughts of having your pet, family or superhero popping up on a winning payline. Get your creative juices flowing and get that Selfie uploaded today and start winning, If you get bored, you can always go in and refresh the game with your latest holidays pics.

There is no limit to the number of times you update the pics on the reels with whatever your hear desires.

Playing the My Slot game

It’s all very well having a slot game that has all the things you love, but what you probably want is to win some real money. Your aim should be to hit the scatter symbol as this will launch 15 Free Spins. Any winnings during the Free Spins feature will be tripled and they can be retriggered. You next objective should be to bring up the Wild symbol, as this substitutes any other symbol, and more importantly, doubles any of the standard pay-outs. Let’s not forget the other pics you uploaded as these will also create some winning combinations.

Where to find My Slot

You will need to download one of Microgaming’s casino viper software and then simply search for the game by typing My Slot into the search box. While the game is installing, we suggest watching the quick intro, which will give you instructions on how to go about uploading your images.

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Some screen shot of the My Slot game

My Slot machines

My Slot game