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How Online Gaming has Become a Social Lifeline

  • Published date01 March 2021

As technology and innovation continue to be at the forefront of growth industries post-pandemic, social media has developed a powerful platform for players to interact with each other, both for gambling and socially. While this may be a new phenomenon to most since the onset of COVID-19, most players have long discovered the community connection that lies on the other side of the screen.

There’s no question that online multiplayer games encourage social interaction. Some even go as far as creating and establishing real-life friendships with their fellow online players. Multiplayer online games establish the perfect stage in creating online multiplayer communities. Like the ever-popular JackPot virtual casino, many online gambling platforms have introduced several gambling opportunities for players across Canada and the world.

Finding a connection with others while gambling online has its benefits. For one, it can help combat stress and feelings of social isolation due to the pandemic. Those who are looking for a sense of community after months of being confined to their homes turn to online gambling as a coping mechanism. Experts believe that online gambling can meet basic mental health needs by promoting social connections with other people. A recent Google survey reported that 40% of new players said they would continue online gambling, even after the pandemic.

The Generation-Z'ers

The next generation, mainly Gen-Zers, has done an excellent job showing the world how you can use gambling to perfect the art of building communities. Whenever you click into a game, you’re not just competing with strangers—you’re forging genuine friendships with like-minded people. Thanks to the pandemic, many of these people have been able to find a new outlet for social connection. After months of isolation, online gambling provides an escape from the ordinary. In the United States, for example, almost all consumers in one survey said they played video games in the last six months. This accelerated growth resulted in a 79% increase in how many consumers are playing video games, with the time spent gambling increasing by 33%.

One-to-one interactions share many of the same characteristics as multiplayer communities. Everyone within your game has a common goal, which establishes a feeling of belonging and understanding. As virtual gambling sites continue to increase in popularity, so do the online multiplayer gambling communities. While socialization within a game is still a novel concept to many, online gambling enthusiasts have been using these platforms to make connections and build friendships for several years.

For example:

In games like Forge of Empires, players can visit the villages of their friends or strangers. Meeting up in virtual communities and chatting with people we haven’t seen in months has become a fantastic form of escapism. Even platforms like the Amazon-owned Twitch allow users to watch other people play video games live via webcasting. Users are even able to chat with others in real-time, including with the streaming host and the others watching. Over the past year, Twitch has seen their engagement increase by 83%, which is naturally a new record for them.

So what is the future?

With interest in fan-based gambling platforms and professional online players surging, a whole new interactive marketplace has emerged. With each day, more and more game sharing sites are hitting the market. These platforms allow players to earn money, stream their gameplay, and build communities with others. In a nutshell, online gambling has presented us with an easy way to continue networking from a community-building perspective, and best of all, it shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. As the pandemic continues to push on, and communities worldwide continue to stay in isolation, online gambling will continue to provide an enjoyable lifeline.

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