Game of Canada

Westeros has been reinvented...Watch as iconic Game of Thrones locations are reimagined in stunning Canadian settings.

Craster’s Keep


Game of Thrones

Clandeboye Estate forests, Northern Ireland
Craster's Keep
Falling into wildling territory, Craster’s Keep is roughly sixty miles north of Castle Black and serves as a refuge to The Night’s Watch. Previously home to Craster and his daughter-wives, Craster was sacrificing his newborn sons to nearby White Walkers. Sitting atop a muddy hillside, Craster’s Keep is surrounded by snow, ice and woodland marking it as one of the series’ spookiest locations. The Keep was last seen burned to the ground following a mutiny in season four.

Game of Canada

Yoho National Park
There’s no doubt that the location where Samwell Tarly killed his first White Walker needs to be shrouded in doom and ghoulish charm. After a snowfall in winter, with its snow encrusted peaks and towering trees, the Yoho National Park is reminiscent of Craster’s Keep. It’s hoped that this setting isn’t razed to the ground following a mutiny as this location promises spectacular surroundings. This atmosphere is one that perfectly matches the vast wilderness beyond Castle Black.