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$70m Lotto max prize goes to Alberta ticket

  • Published date06 April 2022
  • AuthorLisa Michaels

Canada’s most recent major Lotto Max winner is being urged to come forward by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) to claim their spectacular $70 million jackpot prize.

All anyone knows at this stage is that the winning ticket is held by someone in Alberta.

The winner is in line to receive the weekly lottery’s top prize. Lotto Max additionally pays out several Maxmillion prizes worth $1 million each when the prize pool surpasses $50 million.

On the Hunt

The draw in question took place on Friday, April 1, 2022, and the WCLC has publicly narrowed the possibilities of where the winner is located to either Calgary or Edmonton. The Crown agency is not revealing the precise point of purchase location over safety concerns and advised this information would be revealed once the prize-winner steps forward.

Everyone in the province has been urged to check their tickets for the winning numbers, 07, 10, 18, 29, 38, 43, 50, and, 41 as the bonus. The winner will have to claim their prize within 52 weeks, otherwise, their once-in-a-lifetime prize could be lost forever.


This is officially the largest lottery prize ever won in Alberta with the previous record being held by a Calgary ticket holder who claimed a massive $65 million jackpot prize in October 2019.

Another recent big winner from the region is Bon Truong from Edmonton who was handed a breath-taking $60 million in October 2018. The WCLC states that 56 locals had claimed prizes worth $1 million or more in 2021 alone.

The 70-Million club

This recent maximum jackpot win mirrors another Lotto Max prize paid out to Manoharan Ponnuthurai from Brampton, who also claimed the top potential award in December 2021. This was seemingly a brilliant period for Canadian lottery hopefuls as in October of that same year, British Columbia resident, Christine Lauzon from Burnaby, also took home a $70 million Lotto Max prize.

Lotto Max $70m

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