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$5M lotto prize a modern miracle for Winnipeg nursing home staff

  • Published date17 August 2020

A group of six nursing home employees in Winnipeg recently struck it big with a massive $5 million lotto prize, the largest lotto win in the city since June 2019.

Marie Saltel, Cheryl Norman, Karan Lajoie, Karen Roche, Tuan Anh Pham, and Louise Pinel all work together at the nursing home and have been playing the lotto together for over 10 years. They finally hit the big time with the 25 July lotto 6/49 draw.

Saltel, who came forward to claim the winnings on behalf of the group, had a hard time convincing her co-workers of the win as they had played for so long without any significant result.

“When he confirmed I phoned Cheryl and told her – and she thought I was joking, then everyone I told thought I was joking, but they believe it now!” she said

Saltel mentioned how COVID-19 had placed significant stress on the staff and that this was the best possible news they could receive.

The group’s plans for their winnings include helping their kids, doing home renovations, and some overdue retirement planning for some.

“It’s amazing,” said Saltel. “One day, things are normal, and the next day everything changes.”